L U T s, P R E S E T S,  &  E D U C A T I O N

LUTs, Presets, and Tutorials to help you as a videographer / photographer in your creative journey

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LUTs (Video Presets)

For the longest time I've been working to master color. The color of your films is one of the main factors that will separate you from the crowd. This LUT pack is my masterpiece. Hand crafted by yours truly for the moody OR light and airy, perfect contrast style. Im confident they will enhance your films and finally give you a consistent look and feel. The pack includes 4 LUTS. 3 color and 1 B&W all exported at their highest quality (33) using a professional LUT creation software. You will find the same high quality .cube files in brands like White In Revery as you will mine.

Desktop Presets

After searching and searching for the perfect presets I realized the only way to get what I wanted was to make it myself. Im SO excited to offer what I could not find || The perfect Preset Bundle! Designed for the light and airy, perfect contrast style. These are the same presets I use on my own work and Im confident they will enhance your images and finally give you a consistent look and feel.


Mobile Presets

After creating some of the most beautiful desktop presets I wanted to make something that EVERYBODY could use! Thus, my mobile pack was born. All of the photos you see below were easily edited on my phone! Designed for Mobile JPEG images and created after 4 of my desktop presets, these bad boys are totally usable in any situation. (But best in natural light) If you love natural but beautiful skin tones, dreamy blues, pastel greens, or a stunning B&W, you can have it all in any variation!! and you're going to LOVE THESE!​